Volunteer Services and Programs

Benjamin Guitron, Administrative Officer in charge of overseeing all of the Police Department’s community programs

The Indio Police Volunteers are dedicated citizens who have decided to make a difference in our community and have chosen the police department as the means to do that. The Administrative Officer, Benjamin Guitron, directs and supervises all volunteers. Volunteer Services include Citizen Patrol/Citizens Helping Indio Police (CHIP), Police Cadets, and Police Chaplain Unit. Our volunteers serve in many capacities and act as ambassadors for our department during community events and activities. Volunteers help in all areas of the police department. The volunteers are helping in several areas of the police department. Some of the units and areas they are currently assisting in are Evidence, Investigations, Special Projects, Special Events, Code Enforcement and Parking Enforcement.

CHIPS Program

CHIPS Application
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Our CHIPS Program assists the police department by conducting neighborhood patrols, traffic control, crime prevention programs, and other administrative and logistical tasks. They also are involved in crime prevention efforts and liaison with many of the community groups in Indio. Additionally, CHIPS are an invaluable resource during our concerts and many festivals. Last year, members of our CHIPS program logged over 8,384 hours of service to the community.

Cadet Program

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The police department’s Cadet Program is one of our most important volunteer programs. In past years, the Cadets have worked well over 4,000 hours assisting police personnel in a variety of critical tasks. Cadets are given the opportunity to learn about the law enforcement profession by performing various tasks in the police department and in the field. The program provides our youth with the skills and responsibilities needed to become productive and successful members of our community.

Chaplain Program

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The police department’s Chaplain Program is a very important part of our volunteer program. Currently, the police department has a total of 3 Police Chaplains. The purpose of our Chaplain program is to provide spiritual guidance, emotional support, counseling, and assistance to all employees of the Department, their families and the community.


The Indio Youth Task Force (IYTF)
Coachella Valley Community Trust Brochure


The Coachella Valley Community Trust is a unique, non-profit organization established in 1994 by the Indio Police Department and a handful of caring citizens for the purpose of connecting families and components of the community together in order to provide a positive direction for the youth of the community. CVCT networks with more than 100 community-based resources including school districts, service organizations, local businesses, media, parents, law enforcement, probation, district attorney, and religious organizations.


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